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This module presents three key areas for enabling a ministry leader to reach his fullest leadership potential: 1) pursuing lifelong personal growth, 2) identifying and understanding personality types, and 3) discovering and releasing spiritual gifts. It is a tool to help leaders find their PLACE (Personality, Likes & Love, Availability, Charismata Gifts and Experiences) in ministry, unlocking their fullest potential.

The Leader’s Potential provides seven sessions which are all designed to help leaders find their PLACE in ministry. An emphasis is placed on learning to identify the spiritual Charismata Gifts, as well as on the DISC personality types, for enabling a leader to better understand himself and others.

Main Objective

 The main objective of this module is to help ministry leaders reach their potential by finding their PLACE in ministry service and helping others to do the same. This is accomplished through various surveys and self-assessment tools to help them find their PLACE in ministry

Workbook $30.00
Workbook $30.00

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