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This module presents how to discover your personal life calling from God. It is presented within the context of God’s expressed desire to reach the world through us. Thus, Sessions 1-3 focus on knowing God’s desire, His plan, and His call to mankind. Session 4 then teaches principles to discover your specific call. Finally, Sessions 5-7 discuss the preparing, testing and timing processes of Your calling.

The Leader’s Calling provides seven sessions, which are all designed to help leaders understand their calling. An emphasis is placed on building a strong biblical foundation of a calling. Only then do we attempt to teach how to discover your calling and how to walk it out.

Main Objective

The object of this module is to help ministry leaders discover your calling from God. This is accomplished through understanding God’s desire, plan, and call, followed by studying the preparing, testing, and timing processes of your calling.

Workbook $30.00
Workbook $30.00

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