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This module is an outward growth module geared towards helping Christian leaders gain an awareness and deeper understanding of the mentoring lifestyle. Mentoring as an old concept of nurturing  relationships is coming back; it is now a buzzword in all sectors of society as business, education, community, and church leaders all urge their people to find and become mentors.

Essentially, mentoring is helping someone grow through a process of a nurturing relationship. For the Body of Christ to effectively utilize this fundamental relational tool, it is paramount for ministry leaders to grasp what mentoring is, how to live it, and how to model it. Through the seven steps presented in the diagram below, this module will aide you in your journey towards Leading With Mentoring.

Main Objective

The object of this module is to help emerging ministry leaders learn how to embrace, understand, and live a mentoring lifestyle, becoming both effective mentors and mentorees.

Workbook $30.00
Workbook $30.00

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