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This module is an inward growth module aimed at helping Christian leaders gain spiritual freedom and victory in their lives. Often leaders get “stuck” in some part of their spiritual development, struggling to get past patterns of defeat that have plagued them for a long time- In this module we will walkthrough seven important biblical principles that can bring a -new measure of Christ ’ s freedom to their lives – releasing leaders from past bondages, allowing them to breakthrough to new levels of ministry potential.

To help with remembering and reviewing these truths, they are presented as an acrostic. The seven letters of the word “freedom” are used to identify each of the principles:
F = Facing Our Bondage

R = Relinquishing Control of Our Lives to Christ,

E = Exposing the Roots of Our Bondage.
E = Embracing Responsibility;

D = Developing Spiritual Discipline.
O = Overcoming Temptation
M = Moving on to Maturity

Facing Our Bondage

Main Objective
The object of this module is to help ministry leaders/emerging ministry leaders learn how to live a
lifestyle that will bring deep and lasting spiritual freedom and fruitfulness.

Workbook $30.00
Workbook $30.00

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